Active Blancing BMS Solution for Lithium Battery

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Our unique point separates us from other competitors is that we design our own battery management system(BMS) to support the battery pack. For intelligent management and maintenance of the individual battery cells, the BMS prevents battery overcharge and overdischarge, extends battery life, monitors the state of the battery, plays a decisive role on the safety of lithium-ion batteries when used in a group in the application.


Functional diagram of car BMS


1. System self-check

2. Real-time monitor the voltage of total system and each cell

3. Insulation test and high voltage alarm

4. Cell and ambient temperature test

5. Monitor system current

6. Record charge/discharge times

7. Estimating SOC (state of charge)

8. Monitor SOH (state of health)

9. Battery fault alarm

10. Calculating residual capacity of battery

11. Can adjust the voltage, current, SOC limit alarm parameters flexibly

12. Realize alarm and protection function by interface

13. Communication port:RS-232 or/and RS-485 or/and CAN bus

14. Active/positive balance function

15. Parameters can be set by PC software as your requirements

16. Wireless transmission

17. Data storage

18. GPRS


Our battery products applied in EVs, E-motorcycles, communication stations and storage systems are mature and stable and have obvious advantages compared with traditional batteries.