Smart SOH/SOP/SOC Assesment Battery Management System Design for Automotive

Smart SOH/SOP/SOC Assesment Battery Management System Design for Automotive
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Godsend provide customers with complete battery technology design. Our lithium ion battery management system have following functions: electrothermal parameters(voltage, current, insulation resistance, temperature etc.) measurement, charge/discharge control, charge balance, state(SOC, SOH, SOP) assessment, thermal management(heat sinking, heating, heat balance), data storage and inquiry, Vehicle and charger communication, human-machine interface etc. It guarantees batteries can be safely utilized under all working conditions, all climate and all lifespan, prolonging the cycle life.

Its merits are as follows:

1) Security Measures: The system realizes real-time, grading alarm and limit-active protection under abnormal situation to guarantee battery security.

2) Fault Diagnosis: The system can accurately define type and location of the fault of battery system or BMS hardware, reducing system maintenance cost.

3) Date Storage: The system can record history date of battery system automatically for whole life, acting as a black box.

4) State Assessment: The system possesses Innovative state(SOC, SOH, SOP) assessment, realizing strong robustness.

5) Charge Balance: Unique and efficient balancing technology guarantees cell charge balance in system level.

6) Strong Anti-jamming Ability: Advanced anti-jamming technology guarantees the system high reliability under complex electromagnetic environment.