3.2V 28Ah High Capacity LiFePO4 Battery

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Product Details

Product Introduction

3.2V 28Ah new mode of stainless steel cylindrical battery still has high efficiency, long life, low internal resistance of Godsend battery. The energy density is up to 137Wh/kg. It can be widely used in pure electric buses, electric ships, cargo, energy storage and other fields.



Item Specification
Model GSF46160M-28
Rated capacity 28Ah
Rated voltage 3.2V
Capacity density137Wh/kg
Standard charge current0.5C (14A)
Max. continuous discharge current 5C (140A)
Max. instant discharge current10C (280A)
Dimensions Height178±1mm  Diameter46±0.5mm
Impedance ≤1.5mΩ
Weight 650±10g
Operating temperatureCharge-20~45  Discharge-20~60
Storage temperature -10~35
Low temperature adaptability0℃(≥95%);-10℃(≥94%);-20℃(≥90%);


1. High safety, strong chemical and thermal stability

2. Good abuse resistance

3. High specific energy density more than 137Wh/kg

4. Long cycle life

5. Can be charged under low temperature of -20 with Godsend BMS