Heavy Duty Truck Lithium Ion Battery System

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Product Details

Heavy Duty Truck Lithium Ion battery System

Production Description

The all-electric pickup truck can travel up to 186 miles on a single-charge range and is engineered to tackle steep, off-road grades with a full load. The excellent performance benefits from Godsend reliable battery.




1. Stable cell performance, tight pack design, strong function design on BMS to make sure the power system with stable performance.

2. Our lithium-ion batteries offer high capacity in a safe and convenient package, offer the highest energy in the smallest space and for the lowest weight.

3.  Perfect safety level: no fire, no explosion, no leakage

4.  With a smart BMS to ensure the safety. Main functions of BMS: running status real-time monitoring, management system software update and upgrade, monomer battery equalization function, battery box thermal management function, battery high voltage control, charge and discharge management